About Me

Hi there! 👋 Thanks for dropping by.

I am a third year undergrad at UC Berkeley, majoring in Computer Science (Honors Program) and Data Science. You can find my coursework here. In my academic pursuits, I have been fortunate to explore a wide range of domains in computer science. I have tried research in computer vision, autonomous driving, and adversarial machine learning before I found my strong passion in computer systems. My current research interest lies in the intersection of distributed systems, cloud computing, human-computer interaction, and security.

A significant part of my educational journey has been my love for teaching and pedagogical theories. I'm currently a TA for CS 61A, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs; I have been on course staff for 4 semesters. It is absolutely an amazing experience to help students learn and grow; love it. I have also been on course staff for Data 100, Principles and Techniques of Data Science, for 2 semesters.

Outside the sphere of academia, I have been involved in the fast-paced SaaS startups. As a former founding software engineer for Markit.AI, I had the privilege of working on image saliency detection for pre-launch analytics as part of the Skydeck Pad-13 Program.

Also, I love sailing, hiking, playing board games, and embarking on all kinds of outdoor adventures. I got national champion in the CYA (Chinese Yachting Association) Youth Sailing League in 2017.

If you share any of these interests or if you'd like to chat about them, don't hesitate to connect!